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Drumming world record

Drumming For cancer

What it is

Drumming for Charity

My name is Paul and cancer has affected my loved ones for many years. It claimed the lives of my father and uncle around 20 years ago and a girlfriend when I was in my twenties. After my wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided to do something and  try and raise a lot of money for cancer charities as well as some direct help for patients.

I attempted to break the Guinness World Record for a Marathon Drumming session by playing my kit for a total of 144 hours - or exactly six days, non-stop -in April 2023

But, the record attempt was always secondary to raising money and awareness of cancer and getting tested.

All you have to do, is give me support, love ... and your money

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I'm supporting three different cancer charities, so you can decide which your money will go to - or just donate to all three

The Cancer Society

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Breast Cancer Foundation

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If you're in New Zealand, get your gear here:

For fans in the UK, Europe, Scandianvia and North America - go here: 

The Longest Beat Merchandise New Zealand
The Longest Beat merchandise europe and USA

All profits will go to the cancer charities we're supporting 

Watch this documentary -
and listen to the message

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At 77 hours, my body gave up. I fell unconscious at the kit and had to be dragged away where I stayed out for a full eight hours. But I recovered quickly. Cancer patients don't always have the luxury of a quick recovery.

Though the record wasn't broken, the fundraising and awareness was and will remain the priority. Please donate, and share the messages around testing, checking and testing again if anything seems amiss with your body. It may save your life.

E: or

P: NZ +64 (0)21 065 0422

P: UK - +44 (0)7854 654 842

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